Thrive Detroit, L3C

Thrive Detroit is a Low-profit Limited Liability Corporation ( L3C)

The Principle

As a creative and entrepreneurial city, we want residents of every economic level to have opportunities to participate in enterprise and entrepreneurship.

THRIVE DETROIT L3C  creates additional opportunities for Detroiters to support local enterprises that affect some of the broader issues–such as unstable housing–surrounding those who are economically marginalized.  We promote and advance purchases rather than hand-outs;  dignity rather than disgrace; and  incorporation vs. marginalization.

An income generated by a micro-enterprise can prevent homelessness for some and end homelessness for others. Lack of income, homelessness, and the threat of homelessness go hand in hand.  In 2011 Detroit’s homeless population exceeded 19,000.  Of the 19,213 documented homeless individuals counted in 2011, 85% were unemployed.

The Model

Thrive Detroit Street Newspaper, is the first of 12 different micro-enterprise opportunities that we are creating and developing over the next several years.  We create replicable small scale enterprises, adjust existing small scale enterprises to fit our micro-enterprise model as well as develop partnerships with caring company owners.

Our micro-enterprises provide either a zero or low barrier-to-entry ownership opportunity for individuals who may lack income, collateral, or credit, but are willing to work hard in order to become self sufficient while building a positive business profile should they decide to move to the next level of entrepreneurship.

The Mission

Our Vision is one of a creative, thriving entrepreneurial community where there once existed economically marginalized individuals. Our Mission is to provide opportunities for low income, un-housed or vulnerably housed residents of Detroit to participate in entrepreneurship through micro-enterprise. Our Purpose is to increase entrepreneurship among individuals who have the desire and  possess the capacity–but lack an easy on-ramp or simple opportunity to start.

The  Strategy


  • Initiate: Reduce and eliminate barriers to entrepreneurship and provide various on-ramps to micro-enterprise opportunities through existing  enterprises and our partnership program.
  • Educate: Provide immediately usable tools and opportunities for continuous training and development.
  • Thrive: Position micro-enterprise owners to grow beyond enterprise for household income and housing stability to creating  thriving businesses and/or careers.

The Difference
We help to institute small gradual increases that create profound sustained change…

“The difference between being one penny behind and one penny ahead is profound. If you’re one penny behind, then every day you fall further back. Every day, the emergencies get worse, the stress gets worse, your ability to survive (never mind thrive) gets worse. If you’re one penny ahead, though, just a penny, then every day you build a reserve, every day you are able to invest in productivity or peace of mind, and soon you are two pennies or a dollar or five dollars a day ahead. And then you can send your daughter to college. And then you can buy something from the merchant next door. And then you can plant a better crop. And then you have a stake in the community, and then the world changes.” –Seth Godin

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