Detroit: A Seeker Friendly History

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Riding my bike along Jefferson the other day, I took note of all the streets named for early French and British landowners, and I couldn’t help but think that Detroit has always been a place for seekers.  Seekers are brave.  They accept the fear of the unknown but move ahead regardless, the drive to make more of their lives pushing them towards the potential of what could be. Detroit is a place where people from all walks of life come to look for something more. There are generations of immigrant families that have roots in the historic neighborhoods that surround the central city.  The first generations came from Ireland, Germany, France, and Poland.  They began to establish churches and community centers to gather and share their culture and freedom.  When the…
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New Beginnings

Life & Community
I feel like a girl in A Prairie Home Companion.  I can picture myself, as I pack my things into the back of a wagon, saying, “ We've lost the farm, Ma!”  Like thousands of other families in Metro Detroit, my family’s home is in foreclosure. Come March, for the first time in my life, I will be homeless. My family is going to be scattered across the state like dust. Everyone will be heading to Grand Rapids, and I will be moving into the city. Detroit has always been an enigma in my life. I grew up in a suburb, went to nice schools, and spent my summers at our cottage on Lake Huron. Detroit seemed like a tragic Never-land where no one learned to fly. Driving into the city on…
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