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  1. Hello,
    Im interested in helping those in need in any way i can, but i hate the idea of giving cash (to which im unsure of what the money will go to)
    i wonder have we discussed the idea of vouchers people may purchase online or instores that they may give to homeless people that allows them to purchase a meal or item of clothing ( whatever necessary) several companies can get involved and this will allow people to feel more comfortable and allow them to see the donation they are giving is going straight into the hand of a needy person, and that they money they have just graciously given is not wasted.

  2. Hi 🙂
    I am a university student from Germany majoring in Literary and Cultural Studies, Politics and Journalism. I am wondering if it is possible to do an internship at your newspaper and where to apply for it.

  3. Hi Delphia. I heard of you through Collision works on the website. I there an email you can provide me to you directly. It’s about a community project I am working on .

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