It’s Never Too Late to begin…


“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” – Theodore Roosevelt

 Start wherever you are.  It is never too late!  If you have been blessed with another day, it is not too late. You can start wherever you are, right in this present moment, no matter how far behind you feel, no matter your setbacks, no matter how long and daunting the road ahead seems. The moment you begin and move in that direction, the closer you already are.  Each step ahead, no matter how infinitesimal, no matter how itsy bitsy tiny, is stirring the winds of progress. The question is: do you believe that you can have and achieve everything you want?

Believe me when I say that I understand how easy it is to become overwhelmed and discouraged by our present circumstances, losing sight of the bigger picture because it can seem so far away and because there is so much to do right now.  I know this feeling well, being caught up in the perpetual state of “now.” If you think about it, “right now” involves a state of constant motion: managing and maneuvering through the day-to-day grind, with all the pressures and stressors, simply to maintain the status quo, at the most basic level. I know!   However, when I remember that in any given moment everything can change in the most amazing and unexpected ways, I am inspired.  When I remember that my faith, even if as small a mustard seed, can activate the power of God to help me make quantum leaps in my life, I am inspired.  When I remember that no matter how limited I think I am, even at times when I perceive myself to be at my absolute lowest, I can start wherever I am, and change my circumstances.  Never give up and never surrender!  Challenge yourself and master yourself.  Be consistent, be disciplined, and boldly lay claim for the life you desire.

If you’re like me and you plan, plan, plan, and plan, but then somewhere between the planning part and the doing part, things seem to get lost in translation, then I have a suggestion for you: simplify the plan. This became impressed upon my mind several years ago while listening to Wayne Dyer, a renowned speaker and writer. His lecture was about “accomplishing more by doing less.”  Initially I was a bit perplexed by such a blatant paradox, but it soon made sense.  In the context of this article, simply stated, it means that instead of trying to adhere to a long, elaborate, and detailed “to do” list with multiple goals and numerous individual objectives, simplify the plan, prioritize what is most important, and focus on one to two things at a time.  For example, if your goal is to experience improved, robust health, instead of trying to run 2 miles a day, you could drink 8 glasses of water a day, practice yoga every day, sleep 8 hours a day, meditate every day, or juice every day. Just commit to doing one or two things in alignment with that particular goal.

This has made all the difference in my life.  It has allowed me to concentrate my energy and be fully present in every moment, with every task, one thing at a time. I discovered that one’s chances for success are much greater taking this focused, qualitative approach because you are able to invest all your energy in the attainment of sound mastery in each area of interest and pursuit, and the confidence you gain with each success will build your momentum and motivate you toward greater heights.

You are powerful beyond what you know. Vastly powerful, so just know that and act accordingly – the most amazing things will happen!  BELIEVE!

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