Wi-Detroit: Bridging The Digital Divide in the D

Life & Community, Technology
It's no secret that the effects of Michigan's “brain drain” have impacted the city of Detroit. In April of last year, Mobilize.org called upon a cohort of 18-30-year-olds from greater Detroit to attend a weekend-long convention in order to answer a daunting question: how can the state's largest city attract and retain Millenials? The conversations that followed were profound and the solutions were people-based and exciting, yet one glaring disconnect united one group of strangers in an instant. As conversations progressed, the participants seated at table 11 noticed a pattern in the solutions proposed. In today's increasingly digital world, many revitalization efforts, especially those concerning Millennials, depend on reliable Internet access. This poses a big problem in a city where, according to a 2012 Knight Foundation report, less than 40%…
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