Interview with Joel Batterman: The  Organizer of The  Motor City Freedom Riders

Interview with Joel Batterman: The Organizer of The Motor City Freedom Riders

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[caption id="attachment_2576" align="aligncenter" width="640"] photo by Alexander Rentsch[/caption] Interviewer: Carolyn Lusch, Master of Urban Planning, UM Could you tell me about your history as a regional transit advocate? Although I’m from Ann Arbor originally, I went to school in Portland, Oregon. Out there, I was really impressed by what an extensive public transit system they had, and I started to wonder about why Portland had this system while metro Detroit had very little public transit. I ended up doing research on that and found that the lack of an extensive regional transit system in metro Detroit was in large part the result of the region’s contested racial politics. There was a plan for regional transit back in the 70s, but it was defeated largely by suburban opposition. A lot of…
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Malbec at Sunset

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by Diana Elarde It is fairly desolate now without cars coming and going alongside me. My chances of catching a ride on a Sunday morning are not too high. Not until the local churches release their patrons in time for the traditional family dinner. If I am lucky, a family will come along, pick me up, and invite me to their home for dinner. This experience is one of the most humbling for me. I could never imagine my own family bringing home a stranger. But village life in Argentina is different. Always it is my hope, whatever family picks me up, that they will share my passion for Malbec, the deeply intense red wine from grapes grown at the foot of the Andes. I have diary of them all,…
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